3 Smart Tools for your Rental Business

Are you looking for a new source of income and have some capital on hand? Getting into the Rental Business is a smart idea with a potential of huge profits and good return on investment.

There are plenty of options in the Rental Business from wedding and party good supplies, rental of different types of equipment and machinery, home staging, mobility equipment and so on. You will need some extra space to store your goods and a vehicle to transport them, if needed. You can work from home and work part time or full time.

The key challenging part of running a Rental Business is keeping track of everything. But there are number of solutions available for you, ranging from manual ones like whiteboards and spreadsheets through to totally automated solutions.  For Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) rental businesses, there are useful cloud based software apps which can take your Rental Business to the next level and help you manage everything in terms of your rental operations using any device, any time, by leveraging the power of the cloud.

Here are 3 Software Systems to help further improve your Rental Business:


Xero is a cloud based accounting software. Xero is the leader in helping small businesses leverage the power of the cloud and makes accounting easy. It can integrate with different apps/software systems such as POS, Inventory, Job Tracking, Viberent and CRM. You can take care of your invoices, payroll, and bills all in one place.

Xero connects straight to your bank so you can even make payments with your cheques or credit cards. With one account you can have unlimited users and you can give access to your bookkeeper or accountant anytime. They provide automatic backups for your data. And Xero has a mobile app which you can use from your smart phone. This allows you to send out invoices to your customers and get paid online in real time, even while you are on the road or anywhere in the world for that matter.


Viberent is an ingenious cloud based software created specifically for the Rental and Hire Business.. Viberent caters to a wide variety of rental businesses from simple party hire business through to high-end plant & machinery. You can look up their list here.

It is easy to complete all business transactions using any device any time. You can create quotes, invoices and keep track of your stocks and inventory in real time.  You can clearly identify where your equipment is at any time.  You can even calculate your Rental Ulitization with Viberent. This tool is invaluable for any business in equipment rental industry.

Quotes can be sent to customers directly and they can accept the Quotes online including paying a deposit or any amount for their rentals. In addition to complete rental functionality, Viberent also includes service/repair/maintenance functionality so that asset history details are available at any time.

Viberent is always evolving. New functionalities are regularly implemented (every 4 weeks) to match the growing needs of customers. Viberent tightly integrates with Xero and other accounting systems.


Capsule is a cloud based CRM or Customer Relationship Management Software.

This is taking your contact list to the next level. Capsule helps you keep track of all your potential leads and existing customers. You can tag and categorize each customer or client. You can also create and manage your list of customers based on your business needs. They even let you follow your contacts on Social Media with their Improved Social Media Search. You can see the vital statistics of each contact, track your sales pipeline and create sales forecasts. It is a great collaborative tool to use with your team where you can share tasks and create calendars to keep everyone in the loop. Capsule can be customized to your specific needs and can integrate with other software apps like Zendesk, Mailchimp,  and Xero. They also have a mobile app so you can access your contacts on the go and see what your team is up to.

Running any business takes time and effort but it is important for us to leverage all of the cloud technology that is available today. This allows you to be more efficient, save a lot of time, manpower and money.

You can run your business at anytime from anywhere using any device.  Today’s cloud technologies make that happen. Lets leverage it to increase our profits.

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