New Year, Newer Viberent

Thanks to all our customers that provided feedback about making rental data capture to be made more easier. While attempting to keep the existing look and feel, we have commenced the process of simplifying data capture on various screens.  We are pleased to provide details of updated designs to the following functions in Viberent.  We will be releasing the new screen designs over the next few days.

  1. Transaction Calendar
  2. Quote Entry
  3. Rental Entry
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Customer/Contact Management

We are working towards releasing these new designs by January 26 or 27, 2023.  Should you require any assistance, please contact the support team on

Transaction Calendar

  1. We have introduced quick navigation links on top of the screen to go to Quote screen, Rental screen, Inventory Screen and Contacts/Customer screen
  2. Navigate to the relevant period by selecting the period rather than using the < and > to browse months
  3. Entries in various dates are shown proportional to the customer name

Quote Entry

The key part in Quote entry is the merging of Customer Details and Item Details section into  tab titled “Customer Details & Rental Items”.

  1. Customer selection is same as before, either by search/select or by entering the customer name or by clicking Add New to create a new customer
  2. Instead of showing whole lot of fields showing billing address and delivery address details, these are now shown separately with the addresses; you can simply click Edit to change the details
  3. To open an existing quote, you can just click the magnifying glass in the Quote number field; this will open the search window as per normal
  4. Items to be included in the Quote can be included as per normal in the “Rental Items Detail” section
  5. Only key buttons such as Save, Email etc are provided at the bottom. Other buttons are includes as part of “More Options..” drop-down.

Rental Entry

Similar to Quote screen, the rental screen combines Customer Details and Item Details section into one “Customer Details & Rental Items” tab.

  1. Key fields such as Transaction date, Reference number etc are provided on top
  2. All other fields such as Quote number converted from, Salesperson, Long Term Rental type etc are now provided by expanding the “See More Rental Info” part
  3. Customer selection is the same as the Quote screen
  4. Item selection is the same
  5. Opening an existing rental is the same as Quote (clicking the magnifying glass)
  6. All the other tabs are the same as before
  7. Only key buttons such as Save, Email etc are provided at the bottom. Other buttons are includes as part of “More Options..” drop-down.

See More Rental Info

The See More Rental Info includes the additional fields that may be used to prepare rentals.  If the rental is a long-term one, you can simply click the Long Term Rental type dropdown and select the relevant option.

Month End – the rental is assumed to be invoiced at the end of each month (ie Jan 31, Feb 28/29, April 30 etc)
Monthly Subscribed – you can choose the recurring billing date in each month such as 17th of the month
Weekly Subscribed – you can choose the recurring billing date in each week such as Monday, Tuesday etc

Inventory Management

Similar to Quote and Rental screens, we have combined the Inventory Details and Pricing Details tabs into one tab titled “Inventory & Pricing Details”.

  1. Item search is the same as before, by either typing in the text or by clicking the magnifying glass to open the search window
  2. Rental Pricing section is shown on the right with all the relevant pricing fields shown
  3. Creating a new inventory item is similar to before
  4. All the other tabs are the same as before

Customer / Contact Management

The customer list screen is now as per below.

Edit Customer Details

Upon selecting a line for updating (ie double-click or click the line and click “Use Entry” button), the screen is now modified to show all details relevant to the customer as below.

Create New Customer

Creating a new customer is now made even more simpler.  You can enter all required data to process customer directly now.


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