Further Improvements to Viberent – Part 1

1. Send Quotes/Rentals with Thumbnail Images

When you print or email quotes or rentals, you can now send these with Thumbnail images.  Follow these steps:

  • Click Print/Email in your Quote or Rental screen
  • Click Print Template drop-down and select BASIC
  • Tick the box titled “Show Item Image”
  • Click Print/Email (depending on which option you chose)

You will see the image appear in your print-out or PDF as below.

2. Automate Payment Terms / Due Date

You can now set default payment terms / due in # of days if you do not have standard terms for your customers. For example, with some non-account or one-off customers, you may wish to give them 1 day or few days as terms.  In Company Configuration screen, you can now set the default terms / due in # of days by ticking the box titled “Automate Payment Due Date”. Simply specify the number of days below.

3. Kits – Calculated Component Values

In many situations such as rental of security fence panels, scaffolds, platform decks and other situations, you can now have the component values calculated based on quantity of main kit item required for rental.  For example, a security fence rental business may rent fencing based on length of fencing required (eg 150m) but require number of fence panels required based on length of each panel. That is, for 150m of fencing, 116 panels of 1.3mtr length fencing may be required (ie 150/1.3) or 84 panels of 1.8mtr fencing may be required (ie 150/1.8).

When creating Kits in inventory management screen, tick the box titled “Calculate Component Qty” and specify the components calculation factors such as “/” for division, “* for multiplication” etc.

You can specify whether the calculation is based on the main kit item or one of the components by clicking the “Calculated From Item” drop-down

4. Automated rental reminders

You can now automated rental reminders to customers about their rental coming to an end.  In the Company Configuration – General System Configuration screen, you can specify the number of days earlier you require such reminders to be sent automatically.  You can also specify the email template that you wish to use for the rental reminders,

5. KIT Items creation from Inventory Management Screen

Now you can create the Kit items directly from inventory management screen (without going through Inventory – Kit Management screen).  To create a new Kit item, simply click “Add New Item” button, tick the box titled “It’s a Kit/package” and click Add Components button. Follow the instructions to create the Kit item and post to your accounting system if required.

6. Rental Delivery/Returns Checklists

You can now prepare checklists and mark these on/off when rental items are delivered or returned via the mobile app or by staff in the office when the customer drops in to pick up the items.

Step 1. Create Separate Checklists for Delivery/Return

  • Go to Settings – Checklist Configuration screen (if Checklist configuration menu is not visible, please tick this menu option in User Setup Configuration screen)
  • Select option on left using drop-down for either Delivery or Return
  • Specify the main headings for the Delivery group /or Return group
  • Click the drop-down on the right and select an entry
  • In the field to the right, enter the checklist text and click the Save button
  • Repeat the above steps for creating your various checklist entries.

Step 2.  Use mobile app delivery/app or web screen to confirm the checklists

Mobile app

  • Launch Viberent app on your mobile device
  • Go to Delivery/Return screen
  • Select rental for delivery/return
  • After marking the items as delivered, click the Checklist button below the Accept text

You will see a screen with your checklists. See sample below. Simply tick the relevant entries and click the Save button below.

Web Screen

  • Open your rental screen
  • Go to Other Details tab
  • Select Delivery Checklist tab
  • Tick on/off relevant entries and click Save Checklist button

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