Viberent New Functions August 2023

Viberent new functions

  1. Post invoice with PDF to Xero
  2. Inventory Tracking only – no invoicing
  3. Quote/Rental screen layout changes for quick data entry
  4. Mark Pending collection of rentals on calendar
  5. Schedule future inventory receipts including availability tracking accordingly
  6. Configure inventory items for Rental & Sales, including availability tracking
  7. Allow overbooking of inventory – negative quantity processing
  8. Import items into quotes/rentals via CSV files
  9. Calculate custom charges based on inventory volume

Post Invoice with PDF to Xero
When you post invoices to Xero, you can now include the PDF from Viberent.  To do this, in Company Configuration screen, tick box titled “Post invoice PDF attachment”.

Going forward, any invoice posted to Xero will include the invoice PDF as attachment.  This feature is only for Xero and not for MYOB or QBO.

Inventory Tracking – No invoice
For not-for-profit companies and other such companies that wish to use Viberent only for inventory tracking purposes and not for any invoicing, this can be enabled by ticking on box titled “I use Viberent for Inventory Control”.

Going forward, Viberent will not show any entries in invoice history tab in rentals.

Quote/Rental screen layout changes for quick data entry 

In order to make data entry quicker and easier, the quote and rental entry screens have been further simplified.  The following fields have been brought together as user processes each line.

  • Quantity
  • Rental period
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Delivery date
  • Return date

Mark Pending collection of rentals on calendar 

In addition to RED entries in Transaction Calendar that show rental returns, users can indicate that the rentals are pending collection so that they know relevant actions have been taken by other users for collecting the rentals from customer premises or for them to drop the items off.

In the Rental screen, Other Details tab, simply tick the box titled “Rental is pending collection”.  This will then show the RED entries in the calendar with a timer icon to indicate that the rental has been marked pending collection.

Schedule future inventory receipts including availability tracking accordingly 

To process future inventory receipts so that any rental orders for the future can be processed, Viberent now includes functionality to specify details of future receipts to enable future orders can be invoiced for deposit payments and other purposes.

In Inventory Management screen, Effective Date Request can be used for this purpose.

  1. Click Add New Request
  2. If Serial number item – enter serial number if known, or enter temporary serial number
  3. If Bulk quantity item, enter Quantity to be received
  4. Specify the Effective date (ie expected receipt date)
  5. Save the line by clicking the Save icon
  6. Click Save at the bottom

Based on the Effective Date, inventory availability on Stock View and Item Availability screens will be automatically adjusted accordingly.

Configure inventory items for Rental & Sales, including availability tracking 

Certain inventory items can be either rented out on a daily or weekly basis OR the item can also be sold.  In Viberent, you can now classify items to be of both Rental & Sale type.  Simply configure the items to be Rental & Sale in Inventory Type selection.

In Quote and Rental screens, in the Rental type drop-down, in addition to rental periods, the system will also include an entry titled “Sale Item”.  

To rent the item, user can select one of the rental periods.
To sell the item, user can select the Sale Item entry.

Allow overbooking of inventory – negative quantity processing 

To allow overbook inventory for future rentals, you can now overbook inventory so that quantity availability can go negative. In the Company Configuration screen, tick the box titled “Enable Negative Quantity Processing”.

Quote & Rental Screen

In a “Confirmed” quote or a rental transaction, user can now enter quantity over and above available quantity.  Upon quantity entry, Viberent will check available quantity. If insufficient, system will show the message below.

In Stock View and Item Availability screens, the system will show negative quantities as per below.

Import items into quotes via CSV files 

For businesses involving many lines of rental items where items are picked by other staff, Viberent now provides functionality to import items via a CSV file.

In Quote screen, click Upload Data button.

  1. For the first time, click “Download Template” button to download a blank template
  2. Fill the template with details of items (see sample below)
  3. Save the file as a CSV file – ensure Item name, Item code (Barcode) match entries in Viberent
  4. Click Choose File to choose the CSV file
  5. Click “Import Item & Save Quote” button

This will bring the items into Viberent.


Calculate custom charges based on inventory volume 

In addition to using Calculate Custom Charges to calculate things based on a factor of the value of rental items (e.g. Insurance calculated @ 7% of rental items total amount), Viberent now provides functionality to calculate additional charges based on Volume of equipment.

In the Inventory Management screen, in the Unit of Measure field, enter the volume value of the item (ie 1 item occupies 3m3 or 5m2 of volume). 

In Item Management – Custom Charges configuration screen, select an existing entry (or create a new entry) and tick on “Calculate Additional Charges”.

Whenever a Quote or a Rental is raised, the system will calculate the value based on the total value of all the items that involve calculation based on the volume and show the figures accordingly.

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