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To implement Viberent, check out these videos:

Viberent – Brief Overview – 20 minutes

This clip will give you a short introduction to what Viberent is all about including all modules of the Viberent system.

Customer Portal Functionality

This video demonstrates how Viberent allows you to empower your customers to interact with you and place orders via the Customer Portal.

Viberent Comprehensive Webinar – October 28, 2016

Watch this video to see the full functionality of the Viberent System including mobile apps and Customer Portal.

Configuring Viberent – Rental Agreement & Terms & Conditions

This video demonstrates how to use the Agreement Terms menu and settings your Rental Agreement material and Terms & Conditions material.

Configuring Viberent – General Settings

This video demonstrates how to use the General Settings configuration menu and settings various functions inside it.

Linking Viberent to your Accounting System

This video demonstrates how Viberent can be used linked to your accounting system such as Xero, MYOB and QBO.

Configuring Viberent – Inventory Management

This video demonstrates how to use the Inventory management menu to configure rental inventory items including pricing, quantities, serial numbers etc.

Configuring Viberent – Item Management

This video demonstrates how to use the Item Management configuration menu to configure Accessories, Custom Charges, Rental Periods, Discount Configuration and Payment Configuration.

Configuring Viberent – Email Templates

This video demonstrates how to use the Email templates menu to create your own email templates to use in Quotes and Rental transactions.

Kit / Package Management

This video shows how you can create Packages / Kits within Viberent and using them in various transaction screens. Note: Barcode/QR code functionality only available with the new version of Viberent.

How to Post Transactions to Accounting System

This video demonstrates how to finalise a rental transaction and post an invoice to your accounting system such as Xero.

Undo Rental transaction posting

Watch this video to learn how to undo a posted rental transactions in Viberent.

Rental Agreement and T&Cs

Viberent allows you to specify your business specific Rental Agreement and Terms & Conditions (in Configuration menu).  You can copy/paste text from your existing documents and format them to your requirements.

Event Management Functionality

This video demonstrates how Viberent can be effectively used by businesses in Event Management industry to manage rentals, deliveries/pickups for trade shows and events.

Custom Fields

This video shows you can create 6 custom fields to capture data unique to your business / industry.  These custom fields can be used in your Booking and Rental Transaction screens.

Custom Charges

In addition to charging your customers for equipment rentals, you can also charge for things such as Delivery, Pickup and other charges relevant to your business.  This video shows how Custom Charges can be setup in Viberent.

Repair, Service & Maintenance Module

This video demonstrates how Viberent can be used to maintain service/maintenance data on your rental equipment.