Viberent can be customised to suit your business requirements. The Configuration menu can be used at any time to customise the Viberent system.  This page describes how to use the General Settings menu.

  1.  If you are using Jobs or Tracking Categories (Jobs/Classes in MYOB/QBO and Tracking Categories in Xero), then you can specify the default code to use in your transactions – remember to click the Inactive / Active button to select your codes
  2. Any text provided in Main Comments and set to Active, will show such text in your transaction screens (Booking and Rentals)
  3. Email Settings – Viberent allows you to send emails directly from the system; you can specify the sender name and the email address to use
  4. Date Settings – can be set for businesses in different geographies
  5. Currency Settings – you can specify your currency setting such as $ symbol, Euro symbol, Pound symbol etc
  6. No of Decimal Fields – use this for specify quantities up to 2 decimals – eg 12.75
  7. Hide Rental Period on Picking Slip – as the entry suggests, ticking this on will now show rental period on Picking Slips
  8. Show ABN as GST – for NZ customers, the field label will show as GST rather than ABN
  9. Remove Dates in Item Description While Posting – Viberent includes dates in Item description when posting; if you do not wish to show this, then tick this on
  10. Show Customer Name in Transaction Calendar – tick this on to show Customer Name instead of Transaction reference number on Dashboard – Transaction calendar
  11. Custom Fields – Viberent includes 6 custom fields that you can use in your Booking or Rental transactions; set the require Custom Fields to be Active
  12. The Custom Fields can be named as required; if you require default values to be shown, then you can enter these under Label 1 Value, Label 2 Value etc

Watch this video to learn more.