The Item Management Configuration screen is used to specify the following.

  1. Accessories
  2. Custom Charges
  3. Rental Periods
  4. Discount Configuration
  5. Payment Configuration


As part of your rentals, you may include certain items/accessories which are part and parcel of your equipment rentals but not necessarily specified as part of your rental equipment. For example, if you are a Party Goods rental company, you may include power cables, extension cords etc as part of your equipment.  In this screen you can simply enter the Accessory name and the Quantity you hold of the Accessory item.  Note: Viberent does not track inventory on your Accessory items.







Custom Charges

In addition to charging customers for equipment rentals, you can also include one-off charges such as Delivery, Cleaning, Pickup etc as part of Viberent system.  You can specify these as part of Item Management – Custom Charges screen. You can specify the following:

  • Custom charge name
  • GL Account code to use (eg Income account)
  • Tax code to use
  • Click Default Display on Page to automatically show details on Bookings and Rental screens







Rental Period Type

Viberent provides standard rental periods as follows:

  1. 5 day week (exclude Saturday and Sunday)
  2. 6 day week (exclude Sunday)
  3. Monthly (based on Calendar months as some months are 31 days, 30 days etc)

In addition to the above, user can specify their own rental periods unique to the business. The rental periods can be specified in days and hours.  For example, if you rent out for a weekend that allows the customer to take the goods out on Friday and return on Monday, then you can enter a Rental Period called Weekend and assign it for 4 days.







Discount Configuration

Viberent now allows you to specify discount at the overall transaction level (you can also specify discount at each line level as well).  This Discount Configuration allows user to specify the GL account code and Tax code to post the overall discount to when posting from Rental transaction screens.  In this screen, only one line can be entered.






Payment Configuration

Viberent now allows you to capture any deposit payment or full payments for your rental transactions.  This Payment Configuration screen allows user to specify the Bank Account code, GL Account code and Tax code to post the payment to.






Watch this video to learn more.