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Knowledge Base – Viberent

Getting Started

Viberent is a beautiful Rental Management System designed to make life easy for you and your business.  Viberent is an add-on to your accounting system and therefore requires base data to be available in your accounting system such as Customers, GL Account codes, Tax codes etc. To get started on using RentalSaaS, the following (at a hight level) is what you need to follow.

We understand that each Accounting system is different and therefore we have put together Deployment Plans for different accounting systems.

  1. Viberent Deployment Plan for Xero
  2. Viberent Deployment Plan for MYOB
  3. Viberent Deployment Plan for QBO
  4. Viberent new functionality – Release Notes
  5. Viberent Mobile App – User Guide

Follow the steps outlined in the Deployment Plan to configure Viberent starting from initial setup of data in your accounting system followed by configuring Viberent to suit your business circumstances.

User Guides

If you are using the new version of Viberent that includes barcodes, Kit functionality and other functions, you can download the User guide by clicking this link.

In addition to the Deployment Plan, please use the User Guide relevant to your accounting system for details on various aspects of Viberent.

  1. Viberent user guide – Xero
  2. Viberent user guide – MYOB
  3. Viberent user guide – QBO

Help is always available from Viberent at the click of a link. You can get Viberent support via Skype (RentalSaaS), phone, email and from within Viberent (click the sidebar Feedback button).


If you would like to chat about how we can help your rental / hire business, please contact us.

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