AllUsed operated as a traditional buyer and seller of plant and equipment before seeing an opportunity to offer attachment hire. As demand increased, the business was losing valuable time tracking inventory across whiteboards and spreadsheets whilst invoicing was causing a bottleneck in their workflow.

The Solution:

    • AllUsed found Viberent to streamline their workflow and manage their entire hire/rental operation

The Results:

    • AllUsed now have one “source of truth” for their rental business with Viberent providing all employee’s access to the same accurate information
    • The business no longer spends a full day each month entering invoices into their accounting package.
    • Since implementing Viberent, AllUsed have consistently grown their rental business year on year!

We evaluated a few different systems and just couldn’t find a fit. Some were outrageously expensive and didn’t have the basic functionality we required. Thankfully we found Viberent and we couldn’t recommend it enough”

“Time saving is one clear benefit but for us its transparency. We want everyone to have access to the same accurate information such as customers individual pricing and machine utilisation”

Gary Silcock – All Used Pty Ltd