Tailored Space Interiors

Tailored Space Interiors is a home styling and interior design firm servicing the commercial and residential real estate markets. Having acquired the business and grown rapidly, owner Bec Lawson was becoming increasingly frustrated with the number of manual processes involved in styling a single property. The business had no tracking in place and no way of knowing what furniture was available and what was at each property. Valuable time was being wasted searching for information and with increasing errors, staff costs and lost stock, Tailored Space Interiors started searching for help.

The Solution

Tailored Space Interiors found Viberent. One cloud-based system to streamline their entire workflow and provide everyone in the business access to the same, accurate information.

The Results

  • Stylists can now work through an online catalogue of available furniture from anywhere at any time
  • Stylists can send a packing list to the warehouse team to start preparing jobs ahead of time
  • Quotes can be sent directly from Viberent allowing customers to sign online and accept terms and conditions.
  • The delivery team are provided an accurate list of furniture (with photos) to be collected from each property – eliminating errors and lost items.

“Viberent has made a huge difference in our business and in a lot more ways than I had originally anticipated. Viberent has streamlined our process and we are saving time and money each month. It is something I wish we did a long time ago.”

Bec Lawson – Tailored Space Interiors

Star Party Hire

The Company

Star Party Hire is a party / event rental business who pride themselves on being a trustworthy, friendly and professional party hire company with outstanding customer service. Catering to events of all sizes and experiencing exciting growth, Star Party Hire was struggling to maintain rental orders, deliveries and pick-ups on a traditional paper system.

The Solution

Following a quick search on the Xero App marketplace, Star Party Hire found Viberent. One cloud system providing the entire business access to the same, accurate information – without the price tag of traditional software.

The Results

  • Star Party Hire now have total control over their inventory and rentals, no matter how busy they are!
  • Drivers use the mobile app to have their customers sign off on their deliveries and pickups. An easy audit trail. No More Paper!
  • Using the Payment Gateway, the business no longer spends hours following up clients for credit card payments

“Using Viberent has made the job easy for everybody in our company. I would recommend Viberent to those rental companies where the system fits well. The customer service is excellent; when you are stuck or have some issues, you can call them right away and they are there to help and clarify!”

Poonam Thapa – Star Party Hire

Ivy & Bleu

The Company

Ivy & Bleu is an event management company specialising in styling, hire, planning and florals for weddings and events. The team love every aspect of the event & wedding process from sewing the seeds in the planning stages to creating & putting together the overall styling of the day.

With the business experiencing exciting growth, Ivy and Bleu had no stock management in place other than what could be remembered or documented in time consuming manual process.

The Solution

Ivy and Bleu found Viberent – one system to manage their entire business from anywhere at anytime.

The Results

  • Ivy and Bleu can now correctly monitor and manage stock providing all staff access to the same, accurate information
  • With a much higher control system in place, the business has eliminated double bookings
  • Clientele satisfaction has increased allowing Ivy and Bleu to continue to grow.

“I would 100% recommend Viberent! Purely for the ability to remove any human related error in double booking. We have found this a more professional brand approach to put forward to our clientele. We love it!”

 Mandi Turner – Ivy & Bleu

AllUsed Attachment Hire

The Company:

AllUsed operated as a traditional buyer and seller of plant and equipment before seeing an opportunity to offer attachment hire. As demand increased, the business was losing valuable time tracking inventory across whiteboards and spreadsheets whilst invoicing was causing a bottleneck in their workflow.

The Solution:

  • AllUsed found Viberent to streamline their workflow and manage their entire hire/rental operation

The Results:

  • AllUsed now have one “source of truth” for their rental business with Viberent providing all employee’s access to the same accurate information
  • The business no longer spends a full day each month entering invoices into their accounting package.
  • Since implementing Viberent, AllUsed have consistently grown their rental business year on year!

We evaluated a few different systems and just couldn’t find a fit. Some were outrageously expensive and didn’t have the basic functionality we required. Thankfully we found Viberent and we couldn’t recommend it enough”

“Time saving is one clear benefit but for us its transparency. We want everyone to have access to the same accurate information such as customers individual pricing and machine utilisation”


 Gary Silcock – AllUsed Pty Ltd

Yellow Hire

The Company:

Originally operating six items of equipment, increasing customer demand presented an exciting opportunity for Yellow Hire to expand their business. With the increasing number of machines, Yellow Hire was losing valuable time managing their rental business manually across whiteboards and spreadsheets.

The Solution:

  • Yellow Hire started using Viberent to manage their entire rental operations – one system to control inventory, raise quotes, schedule maintenance and generate invoices integrating directly with their accounting package.
  • As the team continued to expand, Viberent’s cloud-based system and mobile applications meant everyone could access the system anywhere, anytime.

The Results:

  • Yellow Hire saved at least 8 hours each week on data duplication and manually managing inventory.
  • The business was able to grow quickly knowing they had a system in place to control their rental operations
  • Yellow Hire now has over 60 items of equipment and growing!

“Using Viberent’s mobile app, I can now check our live inventory, pending quotes and deliveries while I am on the road which keeps me up to date with everything in the business. We no longer spend a day each month searching for invoices to upload into our accounting system.  Viberent does that for us with the click of a button and we strongly recommend the system to anyone that asks”.

 Arne Joyce – Yellow Hire

Other Testimonials

We purchased a business in early 2016 and with no previous experience in equipment hire so we needed to ascertain exactly what our needs were and the software to match. We did significant research into products and accounting systems and came across the pairing of Xero and Viberent. We trialled the software and Siva and his team have been nothing but helpful and their after sales service exemplary. We would have no issues in recommending them and their software as it has proven incredibly successful for us and we urge you to give them a go – you won’t be disappointed.

Tony Keddy, Dolly Shop, New Zealand

Launching a new business early 2015, I searched widely for a programme that could run the business, and be tailored to our needs. Keen also to use Xero, “Rental Saas”, now “Viberent” became the best choice. It took some time and patience to set up, but it was totally worth it! The stock control capabilities really suit our needs, and the interface between the two programmes is so simple. Other colleagues in our industry use more complicated systems that are laborious. I recommend Viberent without hesitation.

Connie Constantine, Dome Property Styling, Sydney

Thank you to Siva and his team for making the transition to  Viberent so smooth. I have found your team and product to be very adaptable in meeting our requirements for a rental hire management system.

We have over 700 products totaling more than 90000 stock items. We have found managing and finding these items with Viberent relatively easy.  We email invoices to account customers straight from the system with all the contracts details which means our customers can track the invoice to the relevant event. With over 150 invoices per month, being able to post straight to Xero has saved time and money with account receivables.

Checking and updating orders from any computer has increased our ability to service customers at anytime from anyway. The freshness of this product and the attention Siva and his team have given us, means that we look forward to future updates. We have seen our input (and others I’m sure) implemented regularly which shows as a customer we are being listened to. We are excited about the continued support from Viberent.

David Simmons, Linen Hire from Di Simmons, Melbourne